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Idea: peeaway! pet urine neutralizer, cat & dog urination deterrent

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Pet Urination Deterrent - Dog and Cat Urine Odor Neutralizer -


Effective Pet Urination Deterrent


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Introducing PeeAway! The first of its kind formula recipe used to prevent
pets from urinating where they are not welcome and to help eliminate smelly
urine odors. PeeAway! is a simple recipe that you make yourself from
ingredients commonly found around your house!

Effective Against
Cat Urine
Dog Urine

PeeAway! helps deter pets from urinating in specific areas......rrruff
Get PeeAway! and its gone....meow PeeAway! helps remove urine

Cat and dog urine can leave an awful smell and is difficult to remove.
Fortunately theres an easy answer to combat this embarrassing problem.
The PeeAway! Formula will help remove those smells & odors caused by
pet urine and works as an invisible shield to prevent further
PeeAway! has been proven effective against urine odors on rugs and
carpets, upholstery, clothing, closets, blankets, baseboards, wooden
floors, vinyl flooring, basements, outdoor decks and kennels.
As a BONUS, PeeAway also works as an invisible shield to prevent pet
urination on the treated areas.

Benefits of Using the PeeAway! Formula:
Helps neutralize pet urine odors
Prevents Pet Urination in Specific Areas
Its Affordable, because you make it yourself
Long Lasting
Safe to Use
Easy to Apply
Proven Effective
Can be Used Indoors & Outdoors
Instant Results
It Works Like An Invisible Shield
Never Need To Buy Again!
No Shipping Fees

The PeeAway! formula recipe was invented to help prevent dogs and cats
from urinating where they are not welcome and to deal with pet urine
odors. The effective, long lasting formulation works on contact to help
neutralize existing odors and provides an invisible shield to the
treated areas. Once the PeeAway! Formula is applied; your pets will
avoid urinating in the protected area.
At last, a safe and effective treatment for unwanted pet urination and
odors to use indoors and outdoors.

PeeAway! Formula
Developers of the PeeAway! formula recipe have designed the ultimate
pet urination deterrent which anyone can produce over and over again
from readily available products in your home. Follow the easy PeeAway!
Formula recipe and you will have an effective pet urination deterrent
and pet urine odor neutralizer for just pennies a treatment.


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